Xavier Wooda

I like the answer because he is fits in both categories, babes and cool dudes

my goal in life rn is to find wrestlers my non wrestling friends will think are cool or hot to make them watch wrestling


This fucking promo though.

William Regal though.


YES!!!! TRIO!!!!

Plan: Get drunk. Watch TNA. Yell about it while still a little drunk on a podcast.

I will get hamered as hell on the most needlessly Canadian booze I can find for the Trioscast


Well this sucks :(

I’m giving world of warcraft a try with some pals and I am so happy the name Bo Dallas was not taken

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Marvel took two Jewish-Romani characters and made them volunteer for experimentation by Nazi scientists

That’s it. There’s no justifying or excuses or story work arounds to be had. It doesn’t matter they aren’t Magneto’s children in the MCU. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t mutants. It doesn’t matter what reasons Agents of SHIELD or Cap 2 or Avengers 2 gives to try and distance Hydra from the Nazi party. It doesn’t matter what Pietro and Wanda Maximoff say or do in Age of Ultron.

Marvel made Jewish-Roman characters agree to be experimented on by Nazi scientists

That is an insult to every Jewish or Romani writer to ever work on a Marvel book, to every Jewish or Romani fan of comics who saw themselves in the Maximoffs, to every single survivor’s memory who walked away from the Holocaust to then have popular culture throw that narrative back at them and implicate the victim in the perpetrator’s scheme

I don’t even want to hear what excuses you or Marvel have to justify it

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Please tell me that this is lies :.(

no lies, both aaron and elizabeth confirmed they volunteered, and aaron also used the g slur to identify the maximoffs

So yeah, expect a podcast up, just later than usual